FBI now on the case in ‘Deniergate’

Well at least Richard Jewell is safe.

Politico reports:

The FBI confirmed today it’s investigating the theft of documents from the Heartland Institute. “We are currently working with the institute and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago to determine if the incident in question was a possible violation of criminal law, which would be under our jurisdiction,” said Ross Rice, an FBI agent and spokesman from the Chicago field office. Rice said Heartland officials contacted the FBI earlier this week “to report what they felt was a criminal act committed against their organization.”

At first, the FBI couldn’t figure out whether a crime had been committed.

3 thoughts on “FBI now on the case in ‘Deniergate’”

  1. Does the “Peter Principle” apply to a certain Peter currently under discussion? Wikipedia (spit!) says “”in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”.

  2. I had wondered about this delay
    That aspect had gone almost subliminal
    But if FBI’s entered the fray
    This Glieck Tragedy might become criminal

    Of course, things will depend on the choice
    Of which FBI faction is bolder
    For the right won’t have much of a voice
    If the DOJ leash has a Holder

    “Petergate” might have something to fear
    But he’s got all those leftists behind him
    And if G-men don’t get it in gear
    It might take many years just to find him

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  3. I am assuming you are refering to Richard Jewell–a security guard in Atlanta that was wrongfully accused by the media of planting the bomb that ruined the Atlanta olympics in 1996. He is dead and lived a life of misery over the grave injustice done him. He should have been paid multimillions for the injustice done by the media that was never done. Thanks for keeping his name alive

    I am FOIA

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