Audubon understands Gleick committed fraud

We’d congratulate the Audubon Society for understanding that Peter Gleick’s committed fraud, but we still have a bad taste in our mouth from all people Audubon helped kill via the DDT ban.

In “Scandal over Leaked Heartland Climate Documents Continues to Stir Controversy“, Audubon’s Susan Cosier writes:

This week, climate scientist Peter Gleick admitted that he fraudulently obtained and leaked documents from the Heartland Institute, a think tank with a climate science denial campaign…

Cosier’s use of fraudulent stands in stark contrast to many greens who are ambivalent about whether Gleick really did anything wrong.

As to Audubon and DDT, read “Day of Reckoning for DDT Foes?

2 thoughts on “Audubon understands Gleick committed fraud”

  1. Let’s just see how biased she really is. Cosier says “Just a few weeks ago there was the Wall Street Journal opinion piece, for example, signed by 16 scientists (note: few of them climate scientists, half with ties to the oil/gas industry) stating that there isn’t a reason to panic about global warming. After that unscientific attack on climate change, the WSJ then printed a rebuttal by a long list of climate experts, which was widely covered by media outlets.” This should read ….a long list of climate experts (note: all of them have ties to Federal Government largess)… These second rate scientists all dependent 100% on government handouts so their results must support their master’s wants.

  2. Yeah, the rotting coprses of tens of millions of human beings doesn’t taste like wild pheasant. But here, look at this eagle picture.

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