One thought on “Rev Jim Ball: Jesus ‘leads the way in overcoming global warming’”

  1. Jim Ball is totally WRONG on Santorum, and is merely promoting Ball’s book that claims ending global warming (–which is a Fraud–doesn’t exist), would be a Jesonion/”Jesus-like” action, but he’s WRONG. Santorum is correct, development would assist the third World to Our level, and I would welcome that, as would our Lord. The Left has many agendas that assume a level of “religion”, while they DENY that everyone else can practice theirs. Ball can “shill” his own book, but DEVELOPMENT, world-wide, would be a More Jesonion-‘Mercy’ than the economic constrictions that attend fighting something that doesn’t exist(Global warming)…except to maybe sell your book. I even think to support the Fraud of Global warming is Satanic, as many Globalists maintain Secrecy of their Conspiracy, via members’ attendence of Satanic Masses, so I would ask, Jim, –Are you a “useful-idiot” for the Satanists/Globalists? Just as Christ said “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s (–meaning PAY your taxes)”, I feel the very Best way, to PAY one’s taxes, is to have a business from which revenue is obtained. Let us Pray: –Almighty G-d, may we Worry-NOT about joining the Satanic-Scam of non-existant “Global-warming”, but on how Economic DEVELOPMENT(–LESS…the “Mark of the Beast”) can enhance the Glory of G-d on Earth, via Your Mercy and Your Faithful, in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

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