Report: Donors threaten Pacific Institute over Gleick

Pains of the wallet, not conscience, are making the Pacific Institute reconsider Gleick.

The Guardian reports:

The career and reputation of the scientist behind the Heartland Institute exposé was in jeopardy on Wednesday night, after his employers said they were reviewing his use of deception to obtain confidential documents.

The review, by the board of directors of the Pacific Institute, was the most serious potential repercussion to date of the admission by Peter Gleick that he had lied to obtain fundraising documents and a donor list from Heartland, the rightwing thinktank devoted to discrediting climate change…

The statement from the Pacific Institute comes just 24 hours after the board reaffirmed its support for Gleick. “Dr Gleick has been and continues to be an integral part of our team,” the earlier statement said.

But since then a number of its funders have expressed displeasure at Gleick’s deception, the Guardian has learned.

“Obviously we are concerned about any allegations of unethical conduct and Dr Gleick has already admitted to it and apologised. We are disappointed in his poor judgment,” said Marc Moorghen, communications manager for the Conrad N Hilton Foundation. The foundation was among larger donors to the Pacific Institute in 2010, contributing $130,000, according to the institute’s tax filings, which are posted on its website…

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4 thoughts on “Report: Donors threaten Pacific Institute over Gleick”

  1. Gleick has recently become addicted to this type of behavior. It has been just a month since he posted a malicious review of Donna Lamframboise’s book “Delinquent Teenager . . . “; a book that he clearly had not read.

  2. Pacific institute writes:
    “Obviously we are concerned about any allegations of unethical conduct and Dr Gleick has already admitted to it and apologised.”

    Concerned about ‘allegations’ of unethical conduct? Followed closely by: “Dr. Gleick has already admitted to ‘it’ and apologised.” In the same sentence! The honesty of the Pacific Institute is now the question, and their own letter demonstrates that they can’t be trusted. Truth means nothing to these progressives, they hired a liar and a thief for their ethics department, then equivocate when Gleick is caught stealing. The same guy that hired Gleick must have written the letter.

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