Enviro to West Virginia: ‘Transition’ out of coal

Another out-of-touch, junk science-feled elitist bloviates.

The Charleston Gazette reports:

The coal industry is creating one-half of the global warming problem, the director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy said Wednesday.

“[The coal industry] is going to keep shrinking,” said Eban Goodstein, director of the school in New York, who is also an economist and author. “The state needs to transition to something else.”

Goodstein addressed an audience of about 100 people at the University of Charleston Wednesday night for the UC Speaker Series event “Energy: Who’s Got the Power?” UC President Ed Welch moderated the discussion, which was sponsored by the Dow Chemical Foundation…

One thought on “Enviro to West Virginia: ‘Transition’ out of coal”

  1. Go back to NYC and turn off your electricity. Get used to sitting in the dark in your apartment built by the 1% on landfill that filled in the swamps. We’ll keep the lights burning here in West by God Viriginia.

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