Michigan Miracle: Renewables cost less than coal?

This is sure to be controversial.

Intelligent Utility editorializes:

The following statement, by a conservative public service commission in Michigan, is a sitting duck for controversy.

“A Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) report show’s Michigan’s renewable energy standard is directly sparking Michigan’s economy, generating $100 million in investments, spurring manufacturing and business growth, and creating jobs, the Energy Innovation Business Council said today. The report also shows that renewable energy now costs less than coal.”

Personally, I will be fascinated to see how this statement and the report that purportedly supports it play out in the media and the presidential campaign. Many of us consider the 2012 election an opportunity for the American people to choose a candidate that reflects their view on clean energy, among many other issues. But any time someone compares renewable energy sources to coal—let alone states that the former is less costly than the latter—they’re looking for attention…

Click here for the report.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Miracle: Renewables cost less than coal?”

  1. Wonderful. For $133 Mw/Hr you can have safe, reliable energy whenever you flick a switch on. Or, for $101 Mw/Hr you can have energy IF THE WIND IS BLOWING!

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