IBD: Food Gestapo Seek A Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugar

“The food police who’ve targeted everything from salt to Happy Meals now set their sights on regulating sugar as a controlled substance to fight obesity. The fat we should fear most, though, is overweight government.”

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes:

… In an article titled “The Toxic Truth About Sugar,” published in the journal Nature, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (where else?) said worldwide consumption of sugar has tripled over the last 50 years and is now contributing to 35 million annual deaths, even if sugar-coated corn flakes aren’t listed as the causes of death.

Whether these unfortunate victims of what may be called “cereal killers” died happy is also not recorded…

Read the entire IBD editorial.

3 thoughts on “IBD: Food Gestapo Seek A Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugar”

  1. Hershey Chocolate Bar: 43 gm
    24 gm sucrose (composed of 12 gm fructose, 12 gm glucose)

    Two average size apples: 300 gm (but an apple is 85% water, so these are 45 gm dry weight)
    31.2 gm total sugar (composed of 20.8 gm fructose and 10.4 gm glucose)

    Looks like eating a chocolate bar gives you less sugar than eating two medium apples, for the same dry weight. Yep, it isn’t about sugar or obesity, it’s only about control.

  2. They aren’t interested in fighting obesity; they are interested in controlling
    people. Obesity is just their latest prop.

  3. good God! ain’t we had enough of this stuff? it ain’t fat in the ass that’s the danger, it’s fecal matter in the brain…
    …i think i’m goin’ on a “dem demolition” crusade….

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