Aardvark: Is Ed Davey As Big An Idiot As Chris Huhne

Davey: “I want us to have a green economy, with the green jobs and investment we need to help grow our economy.”

Tony Aardvark writes:

The departure of Chris Huhne is an enormous opportunity for the coalition government to quietly abandon the whole man made Climate Change scam and concentrate on what really matters in a world that has seen no warming since 1998, cheap affordable energy and a lasting economic recovery…

Attila the Huhnatic has gone now, locked into a court case that will do serious damage to Huhne personally and politically, as well as, further damaging what little there is left of Liberal Democrat Party, so the news is not all bad.

So what of the new Secretary for Energy and Climate Change?

The answer sadly is Yes, Ed Davey is almost as big an idiot as Chris Huhne, this is on Ed Davey’s website, published today:..

Read Aardvark’s entire commentary.

4 thoughts on “Aardvark: Is Ed Davey As Big An Idiot As Chris Huhne”

  1. Huhne’s removal is not a repudiation of his policies, rather, an unrelated
    legal problem. No reason to expect his replacement to have different
    policies. England hasn’t suffered enough yet to “decide they deserve better.”
    Davey will keep working on that.

  2. It has been said that nations get the governments they most deserve. Things will change when Britons decide they deserve better.

  3. OUCH! ,, the truth hurts..
    hey folks,
    read the entire article .. sound kinda’ like home?
    …confirms my thought that slime is universal…

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