Romney rejects ‘extreme environmentalists’

The government shouldn’t own land just to make extreme greens happy.

E&E News PM reports:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he’s not sure why the federal government owns so much land in Nevada but vowed he would not allow “extreme environmentalists” to hold up development of coal, gold and other resources in the state.

In an interview last night with the Reno Gazette-Journal just days before the state’s Republican presidential caucus, Romney said he is unsure whether he would back GOP proposals to sell or cede millions of acres of federal lands to the states.

But he added that he would need “valid, and legitimate and compelling” reasons to justify keeping the lands in the hands of Uncle Sam.

“I don’t want to pander to this room,” Romney told the paper’s editorial board, which announced its endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor that same day.

“I haven’t studied it, what the purpose is of the land, so I don’t want to say, ‘Oh, I’m about to hand it over,'” he said. “But where government ownership of land is designed to satisfy, let’s say, the most extreme environmentalists, from keeping a population from developing their coal, their gold, their other resources for the benefit of the state, I would find that to be unacceptable.”…

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3 thoughts on “Romney rejects ‘extreme environmentalists’”

  1. Better than Nobama, but will it be enough for ROMNEY to win? Do you think most REALIZE that the Nobama-Regime has IMPEDED job-growth? They did this through its Environmental job-inhibition by Commie-apparachek-bureaus like the EPA. If people realize that, wouldn’t sufficient numbers go out to save what’s LEFT of the country? This is IF…we can counter-act the US Vote-Tallying Spanish firm that is influenced by the Clintons (who wouldn’t mind at all, if Nobama wins), and may “tally-the-votes” for an Nobama landslide, no matter what REALLY happened?

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