High Levels of PCBs Tied to Defective Sperm in Infertile Men

What man has “high” levels of PCBs, which were banned 30+ years ago?

Environmental Health News reports:

Research shows for the first time that increased levels of organochlorine chemicals PCBs and a DDT breakdown product in men are associated with an extra sex chromosome in sperm that can contribute to reproductive problems.

Long-banned chemicals that still persist in people and the environment are linked to an excessive number of sex chromosomes in sperm, according to a study of men from Massachusetts.

The men with higher levels of persistent organochlorine chemicals PCBs and p,p’-DDE in their blood were more likely than those with lower levels to have a higher percentage – sometime 60 percent more – of sperm with too many sex chromosomes. An abnormal number of chromosomes in the embryo or fetus is the largest known cause of failed pregnancies in people. It can also lead to birth defects.

This is the first study to examine the relationship between exposure to these chemicals and sex chromosomal abnormalities in men’s sperm. The results are published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives…

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  1. The old research for the first time shows that you can string a bunch of conjectures together in a slighlty different way ploy.

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