Greenpeace breaks into power plant, scales smokestack

The environmental movement is a criminal enterprise — we’ll have more to back that up soon!.

The Charlotte Observer reports:

Sixteen Greenpeace activists were arrested Monday after some scaled a smokestack at Progress Energy’s coal-fired Asheville plant and unfurled a banner protesting the proposed Duke Energy-Progress merger.

Keiller MacDuff, a spokeswoman for the group, said climbers reached the top of the stack, which she said is 400 feet high. They unfurled a banner: “Duke Energy: the climate needs real Progress”…

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Click for the Greenpeace campaign.

7 thoughts on “Greenpeace breaks into power plant, scales smokestack”

  1. If you’re going to make pointed and mean-spirited retorts without even the decency to explain your point, please at least make it clean who you are making a mean-spirited retort to, my friend.

  2. They are campaigning for very expensive and often unavailable energy because that’s what they want. Driving every developed nation back to Third World status will kill off a substantial portion of the world’s population, and that’s every “greenies” orgasmic dream. The more dead the better in the red/green worldview.

  3. Those idiots blissfully ignore the fact, that “green energy” is hopelessly expensive and inefficient and can only run, when propped up with tax-payers’ money. It is a fact, that California, which is a “Green” state, has the highest unemployment figure in the U.S. (10.3 percent) compared to North Dakota with its use of fossil fuels, with only 3.4 percent! Countries like Greece, Spain and others in Europe now feel the pain of not only the banking-crisis, but also because those countries wished to “lead the world in
    sustainable energy” and have squandered hundreds of billions of Euros over the last 6 or 7 years!
    Greens are just brain-dead ideologists, like their pre-decessors, the communists. And those ones, who have sofar cost more than 110 million lives now have become more capitalists, than the Americans. They now realise, that the only way that countries’ economies can survive is by using mined products, which helped make the U.S. what it was, until the Green zealots started to spread their sick mantra during the 1960’s.

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