SMH: Scientist denies he is mouthpiece of US climate-sceptic think tank

“Institutions or organisations simply pay for services rendered — in the same way that an architect is paid for their work, so are scientists.”

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The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

A PROMINENT Australian scientist has rejected as offensive any suggestion he is doing the bidding of a US climate-sceptic think tank that is paying him a monthly fee.

Confidential documents leaked from inside The Heartland Institute, a wealthy think tank based in Chicago and Washington, detail strategy and funding for an array of activities designed to spread doubt about climate change science, paid for by companies that have a financial interest in continuing to release greenhouse gases without government interference.

Among the recipients of funding is Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, a geologist and marine researcher who spoke at the ”convoys of no confidence” protests against the carbon price last year alongside the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, and writes columns for News Ltd newspapers…

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4 thoughts on “SMH: Scientist denies he is mouthpiece of US climate-sceptic think tank”

  1. GreggM, you have been tolerated because dissent is accepted and welcomed in the skeptic community. However, you have a disturbing tendency toward ad hominem and wild, unsupported assertion that is raising complaint.

    Your constant blurts as in 5 minutes of your time here on the 15th:

    “You mean like Dr. Soon or Milloy?”
    “You mean like the Koch brothers and the entire Republican run denier movement”
    “You mean like the Koch brothers, the petrochemical industry and coal industry funding the entire astroturf denier movement?”

    bring nothing to discussions and are simple mindless repetitions of activist slurs.

    Take this as your only warning that readers are sick of you and further failure to logically and factually discuss the material at hand will see me ban you without further warning. If banned all of your previous comments will be struck from the database.

    Grow up, learn something and engage constructively. You might like your life and your self more if you do.

  2. Show me any data that he has published, that can be verified as false!…
    Any takers???

    I thought not.

  3. What a smear job. How much money are we talking about? And how much money do AGW proponents receive from the public purse every year?

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