Manchin speaks up — to defend Keystone XL!

Earth to Sen. Joe: the Keystone XL is not running through West Virginia.

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reports,

A West Virginia senator has joined a group of lawmakers introducing legislation to approve the $7 billion Keystone XL crude oil pipeline from Canada.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is with 43 Republican senators to introduce a bill approving the pipeline under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8. Manchin was the only Democrat signed on as a co-sponsor…

While it’s terrific that Manchin favors the Keystone XL, where’s his advocacy against the Obama jihad against West Virginia coal?

One thought on “Manchin speaks up — to defend Keystone XL!”

  1. Dear Sen. Joe: May G-d Bless you for your Righteous support of Keystone, but you should ALSO, OPPOSE Nobama’s “jihad against Coal”. Germany has recently shot itself in both feet, by de-mobbing 8 nuclear plants and also is not mining coal. Evidently, the normally Sage, Germans IMAGINE…. Germany’s going to fall victim to a Tsunami! So Germany, –once the strongest nation of the insipid EU, WILL industrially decline. Germany’s “Nobama”, –Merkin,–er, Merkle, has caved to her “Green-Meanie-Weenies” (–Neo-communists,–possibly Russian-directed, as in the past), and they have in-ane ideas like, carbon credits, sequestration of Co2,–other profoundly stupid, expensive, ALGORIAN, anti-business/consumer measures against the German citizen,–un-necessary because there is NO, provable human-caused Global-warming, and indeed, NO Global warming, period, –the phrase being the obverse of the Club of Rome’s ’70s “Global-cooling” Fraud trying for the same thing, –Global Governance. Global Governance would make the USA Senate, a place for “tea & Crumpets”, –a “rubber-stamp” of the role it is sometimes apparently practicing for. You are to be COMMENDED for support of Keystone, because it was REALLY Warren Buffet’s phone call, I was told, that stopped Keystone, due to Buffet’$ exten$ive RAILROAD interest$, which would be harmed if Keystone continued. You didn’t realize that the whole nation (and 120,000 union jobs) depended on the whim of one billionaire-Plutocrat, and his “EPA-Puppet”, Nobama, did you? And the “Blunder-burgers(Bildebergers)” ARE waring against US Coal,–as if THEY would find another good way to PAY for the extensive US-paper held by China, who WANTS…US-coal. Germany may need some, also, even though that is like shipping “Coal to Newcastle”, as Germany is RICH…in coal! There appears to be a “World-wide Conspiracy” AGAINST COAL–and I blame the “Blunder-burger’s ‘proxies'”,–the Greens! Please be,–Sen Joe,–the Noble, “Hero of the Hour” and, “HERO of the Country”, by repudiating the stupid Nobama-FDA’s, “Jihad against coal”, which Buffet’s trains would probably transport, reducing the “hit” he’ll take once the Keystone is finished. Killing the Anti-American, JIHAD AGAINST COAL, will make you “Presidential-Timber”, without even needing to run! –Sir, the State of West Virgina, and the DESTINY…of the entire USA, await…your “D-day” assault-against… the Nazi-like JIHAD AGAINST COAL! (–Greens were among the first Nazis, and now often are apparent Apparacheks… of the CIS, imo)

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