IBD: When Global Warming Freezes Over

“Global warming alarmists won’t give up their campaign to spread fear and backward thinking until an ice bridge stretches from New York to Paris. Science, though, says they should.”

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes:

Al Gore, who invented global warming hysteria, has most recently been found planning a trip to Antarctica where he will surely find evidence that man is overheating the planet.

This clearly insecure man who so desperately needs an audience that approves of his world-saving efforts says he will be taking with him “a large number of civic and business leaders, activists and concerned citizens from many countries.”

He expects them “to see firsthand and in real time how the climate crisis is unfolding in Antarctica.”

For Gore’s reading material on this trip, we suggest he look at some data released by Great Britain’s Met Office. He would find himself meeting head-on a terribly inconvenient truth…

Read the entire IBD editorial.

3 thoughts on “IBD: When Global Warming Freezes Over”

  1. Thankfully, it appears the REAL inconvienient truth (at least for Gore, Mann, Hansen, et.al) is emerging despite the fraud and deceit. Perhaps REAL science will survive after all.

  2. i think we should tie gore and plant him in the ice in eastern europe where 60 people have died frozen and
    continue to have freezzing temperatures, poland and other countries.

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