One thought on “RINO Watch: Scott Brown joins Keystone XL bill”

  1. Dear Senate Republicans: You KNOW the Keystone’s GOING TO BE BUILT,–even Nobama just wants it DELAYED until after the election, so he can pander to his, “GREEN-Meanie-weenies”, whose votes he HAS to have, to win re-election. So we’re only talking about TIMING. Dear Republicans, this TIMING-issue–it can be a BIG WINNER, FOR you, if the Senate approves Keystone, because the East Anglia tapes show there’s FRAUD in the phrase, “Global warming.”–The Greens are in retreat, their “Blunder-burger (Bildeberger)” proxies are in defeat and retrenchment. CHOOSE Keystone, and SAVE the country from the World-wide Blunder-burger, “Jihad against Coal! ” It is reported, that ONE PHONE CALL from Warren Buffet, killed Keystone–the “whim” of ONE Pluto-crat out-weighs the jobs of 120 thousand union workers, and the Health of this Country? Some of those 120 thousand will be women. Women, begging for a chance, to earn & pay taxes, for their families. Are women pipeline workers and coal-miners “chopped-liver”? Will they have NO CHANCE in this economy, due to the Chauvanistic, Greens whose Blunder-burger handlers don’t CARE if their families have food & heat this winter? If the EPA, “Jihad against coal” is stopped, Buffet will use his railroads, –tracks, and stock, to ship coal to the harbors for the use of Red China, who holds our paper, but is trying to dump it, because we won’t help them by helping ourselves. Because the Red Chinese will take ALL the coal we can ship them,–they’re building a coal-fired plant each month, in China, and if we don’t send our coal to China, Austrailia will send China, theirs. Support the Keystone, and KILL the arrogant EPA’s “JIHAD against USA Coal!” Do those, and we can rightfully say, we’re putting America, BACK TO WORK, –REPUBLICANS CAN THEN PROVE, WE…ARE THE ONES…that CAN’T WAIT! –WE, are the ones that LOVE the Country that trusted us to allow G-d’s gifts…to be shared with the Chinese People…and our own. “911s” don’t have to be about planes crashed, people dead, and buildings fallen. An “economic 911” can occur, when a Plutocrat gets his fondish wish,–the Blunder-burgers get theirs,–the bureaucrats of the EPA get theirs,–the Greens get theirs…and the masses of single moms & married dads that’re welders/miners have to tell their young children,–there’s no dream of providing for you from heartless Washington,–we gotta wait. Sen Kirk, and the Noble Maine Sister-Senators–have a heart this winter. Support Keystone, AND Kill the “Jihad…against Coal.” You won’t be sorry, and you can make the entire World Proud.

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