EPA: ‘Toxic’ releases rose 16 percent in 2010

It’s a good thing Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter and won the Cold War — those accomplishments offset his terrible environmental record that still plagues us today.

The Washington Post reports,

The amount of toxic chemicals released into the environment nationwide in 2010 increased 16 percent over the year before, reversing a downward trend in overall toxic releases since 2006, according to a report released Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The spike was driven largely by metal mining, but other sectors — including the chemical industry — also contributed to the rise in emissions, according to the new analysis from the annual federal Toxics Release Inventory…

Reagan signed the law establishing EPA’s annual Toxics Release Inventory in 1986 in the wake of the Bhopal accident. Apparently, no one told Reagan that Bhopal was in India and that empowering EPA to terrorize Americans about routine, non-toxic industrial releases would be a bad thing.

There is nothing “toxic” about any of these releases as it’s the dose that makes the poison and all the reported releases are permitted and safe.

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