Hansen: ‘The New Climate Dice’

“We conclude that extreme heat waves, such as that in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and Moscow in 2010, were “caused” by global warming, because their likelihood was negligible prior to the recent rapid global warming.”

James Hansen’s latest climate dice rant is out, “Perceptions of Climate Change: The New Climate Dice.”

Hansen concludes:

… Climate change of recent decades is also having effects on animals, birds and insects that are already noticeable. Although species migrate to stay within climate zones in which they can survive, continued climate shift at the rate of the past three decades is expected to take an enormous toll on planetary life. If global warming approaches 3°C by the end of the century, it is estimated that 21-52% of the species on Earth will be committed to extinction. Fortunately, scenarios are also possible in which such large warming is avoided by placing a rising price on carbon emissions that moves the world to a clean energy future fast enough to limit further global warming to several tenths of a degree Celsius. Such a scenario is needed if we are to preserve life as we know it. [Footnotes omitted]

Wasn’t 2012 the drop-dead date?

7 thoughts on “Hansen: ‘The New Climate Dice’”

  1. Hansen’s Rule of Anecdote:
    a)Transcient weather phenomena may be used as evidence to support Global Warming theory, however, b)transcient weather phenomena cannot be used as evidence to refute Global Warming theory.
    The drought in Texas is a result of Global Warming. True, per Hansen’s Rule part a).
    The anemic 2011 Atlantic hurricane season disproves major Global Warming assertions. False, per Hansen’s Rule part b).

  2. welllll .. if’n you can’t control the climate..why not control the people? .. seem much like whut they tryin’ to do..
    here in nc our gasoline tax was jus’ upped (i got sumthin’ i’d like to `UP’) .. my searchin’ around tells me that the gvmts (state ‘n federal) get more $ from a gallon of fuel than the oil cos. make as profit …
    maybe all this warmin’ is just a product of anger from gvmt screwin’ with us…

  3. They want us to save the climate by making us pay another tax. If it was such an ‘issue’, there would be no reason to install a tax. That is just tyrannical.

  4. Don’t you think that if humans could control climate that they would. Since human climate control is happening by “emissions” I for one want a warmer winter. That would save lives. Unfortunately Any Human that thinks humans cause the earth to warm up ignores the Sun in their eyes.

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