Should Greenwich fret a cement plant — or Ben & Jerry’s?

A whiff of Cement Kiln-illa might be “safer” than World’s Best Vanilla.

The Associated Press reports,

A coalition of health and environmental groups has raised questions about a cement plant’s plan to burn cubes made from recycled trash instead of coal.

The coalition of more than two dozen groups has asked the Department of Environmental Conservation for more time to comment on Lehigh Northeast Cement Company’s plan to burn Enviro-Fuelcubes at its Glens Falls plant. The cubes are made from wood, paper products and plastics.

Supervised tests showed no significant increases in contaminant emissions, but minor increases in toxins such as dioxins, chromium, and lead. The DEC says all were within allowable limits.

Greenwich Citizens Committee member Tracy Frisch said the increase in dioxin raises a red flag, and more time is needed to study the effects.

DEC says it’s reviewing the coalition’s request.

But if the enviros are really worried about dioxin, they may first want to shutdown the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop in nearby White Plains.

When we tested Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dioxins, we found that a single serving had 200 times the level of dioxin that the EPA said was safe.

5 thoughts on “Should Greenwich fret a cement plant — or Ben & Jerry’s?”

  1. So long as you eat at least 100X less dirt (contaminated from atmospheric deposition) than B&J ice cream, you are safe from dioxin poisoning. It’s all about the dose, ma’am.

  2. We have destroyed the cement and drywall industry in this country with over regulation only to see it go to China. Not a job creator I would say. Nice going Lisa Jackson, and crew. These idiots won’t be happy until they force the American public back into the stone age.

  3. You’ve obviously never lived by a cement plant. As a group, they’re the third largest source of dioxins in America. Ben & Jerry’s didn’t even make the top ten.

  4. Steve, Greenwich, NY is about 150 miles north of White Plains and about 20 miles from Glens Falls. Greewich, CT is much closer and is probably what you were thinking of.

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