Gingrich and Paul each say the other is ‘worse than Obama’

Let’s get this straight: no GOP presidential candidate would be a worse president than Obama.

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul (via his campaign’s official blogger} have now each accused the other of being “worse than Obama.”

But while Gingrich has had some goofy ideas and can behave erratically, and while Paul’s stark brand of libertarianism makes some uncomfortable, neither would or could be a “worse” president than Obama.

The Marxist Obama is purposefully driving the U.S. economy off the cliff through wild and wasteful spending, his regulatory attack on business, ObamaCare and his general and purposeful inaction toward getting the economy going again.

Obama’s goal is to cause chaos and destroy free enterprise-based capitalism. It’s working.

In contrast, each GOP presidential candidate is fundamentally pro-American, pro-free enterprise and pro-economic growth.

Regardless of the differences between them and their ideas and abilities, any GOP presidential candidate would be better than Obama simply because each would start out with good intentions toward our country.

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