Michael Mann a conservative?

Are we eating our own?

The French newspaper Le Monde recently profiled hokey stick purveyor Michael Mann, writing:

Lively and talkative, friendly, passionate about his research topic, the scientist Michael Mann is the most hated conservative in America… [Emphasis added]

But take a look at Mann’s political contributions for 2008-2010. They hardly amount to evidence of being a conservative.

No contributions could be found from Mann for the period 1990-2006.

10 thoughts on “Michael Mann a conservative?”

  1. First and foremost Mann is an academic. It follows that he has about a 90% chance of being a Democrat and an 80% chance of being a liberal. That leave little room for being a Republican or Independent and virtually no chance of being a true conservative. He obviously believes in big government and the associated control and intrusion in our lives.

  2. Correction. The text says: “Lively and talkative, friendly, passionate about his research topic, Michael Mann is the scientist most hated by conservative America.”

    (In French: “Vif et volubile, sympathique, passionné par son thème de recherche, Michael Mann est le scientifique le plus haï de l’Amérique conservatrice.”)

  3. I cannot begin to imagine what La Monde thinks is radical if Michael Mann is considered to be the most hated conservative. No way is Michael Mann a conservative. The watermelon activist is no conservative.

  4. It is all relative.
    We’re talking about Le Monde, here.
    In their eyes, Lenin was a conservative.
    The human has not been born yet who stands to the left of Le Monde.

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