Key West dengue outbreak linked to travelers — not climate change

Climate alarmists have been saying that global warming would cause the spread of dengue fever.

But climate change didn’t rate a mention in this new study from CDC and Florida Dept. of Health researchers about a 2009 outbreak of dengue in Key West.

2 thoughts on “Key West dengue outbreak linked to travelers — not climate change”

  1. ok did a google search and saw the headlines regarding what was a minor outbreak of Dengue Fever.

    The conditions for an outbreak requires the following:

    1. a person who was infected in another location returns to Florida.
    2. the mosquito poulation includes the one that includes the carrier for dengue fever, and one such mosquito bites the human carrier.
    3. only after the human carrier is bitten is the parasite transferred to the mosquito.
    4. the mosquito bites an uninfected person who then becomes infected.

    Control requires treatment of the infected individuals as well as the use of netting and control of the mosquito population.

    So yes, travellers, not climate change is responsible for the episode of dengue fever.

    Having been bitten hundreds, upon hundreds of times by mosquitoes, I can honestly say that the mosquito bite will mostly cause itching but rarely anything worse, unless the mosquito picked up the virus from an infected person in the region!!

  2. I’m sure alarmist would blame Key West’s abundance of “alternate lifestyles” to climate change if they could generate any fear among the general population.

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