Hansen smacked by fellow alarmist

A RealClimateer denounces Jim Hansen’s Venus-type runaway greenhouse effect.

From Andy Revkin’s Dot Earth blog:

Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, a climate scientist at the University of Chicago and contributor to Realclimate.org (and sometimes Dot Earth), sent this thought [about the New York Times’ recent permafrost fearmongering]:

“Regarding the methane time-bomb issue, I do understand the need to respond to unwarranted predictions of catastrophe. I’ve made responses of this type myself. For example I think that Jim Hansen is demonstrably wrong in his assertion that a Venus-type runaway greenhouse is a virtual certainty if we burn all the coal; he is right about almost everything and I greatly admire him, but he is wrong about this…”

Read Steve Milloy’s January 2009 FoxNews.com column, “Al Gore and Venus Envy“.

[h/t ClimateDepot.com]

2 thoughts on “Hansen smacked by fellow alarmist”

  1. “Regarding the methane time-bomb issue…”
    I guess we’ll just have to kill everything that poops. Hmmmm, but then the rotting bodies….. This is harder than it looks. I know! We’ll nuke the entire populated planet! Problem solved.

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