Senate Dems to Fed Agencies: Go green or go dark

We know what our choice is.

Politico reports that Senate Democrats have introduced a rider to the Senate’s “minibus” appropriations bill that states none of the funds in the bill:

… may be used to purchase a light bulb for an office building unless the light bulb has, to the extent practicable, an Energy Star or Federal Energy Management Program designation.

But the EPA has asked children to tell their parents to remove mercury-containing products from their homes:

Just as there are no safe uses of mercury and mercury-containing equipment in schools, there are no safe uses for these products in homes, either. Tell your parents about the toxic effects of mercury, and encourage them to remove all mercury products from your home.

So maybe kids should write to Harry Reid and demand that federal workplaces be made “safe”, too.

Read “EPA’s Mercurial Hypocrisy.”

One thought on “Senate Dems to Fed Agencies: Go green or go dark”

  1. I find it frustrating that the lead solder in electronics is used to declare toys unsafe for children, and people panic over a non-toxic form of mercury in vaccinations, but an actual path that they can actually be exposed to mercury in a toxic form is mandated.

    What happened to protecting people or the environment? It seems that all real environmental and social causes are being sacrificed on the altar of CO2.

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