Sit-com in the making: The Green Side of Occupy Wall Street

Have a chuckle at the greens trying to co-copt OWS.

Greenwire reports on Sunday’s environmental protest at OWS:

At one point [during the organizing meeting], one participant said she had heard the Sierra Club was circulating flyers taking credit for the planned Sunday day of protest. Russell Mendell, a member of the group Frack Action who says he is also a member of Occupy, was outraged.

“It’s not really acceptable that any one group claim this as their own,” he said. “That’s bullshit.”

This prompted what has becomes a standard mode of communication within Occupy: the wagging of five fingers in the air. Five wagging fingers means “I agree” in this lexicon, and Russell’s declaration was met with a dozen or more hands wagging in the air.

“So many NGOs have become not radicalized,” [Columbia University grad student Stephanie Sawyer] offered, “but I still think it’s important to invite them down.”

The meeting also featured a nasty side dispute between two women (neither of whom identified themselves) about whether corporate farms were worse for the environment than fracking. The elder of the two sided with fracking, prompting a quick exchange of insults.

This prompted a raised hand and a complaint. “She just called me a miserable old woman,” the elder activist told the group.

Echo Lake, who showed up with a feather in his hair and a bag of jelly doughnuts, tried his best to calm the group down.

“The environment is also our feelings,” Lake said, to mumbles of approval.

Rob Reiner could return in the OWS sit-com as the aged Meathead.

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