Pennsylvania pol proves mercury causes brain damage

Mercury does make you stupid. Here’s the proof.

The Scranton Times-Leader reports that at a PennEnvironment press conference yesterday to scare the public about mercury emission from power plants,

[Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Murphy (D-Scranton) said even a small drop of mercury in a 25-acre lake is enough to make the fish in it unsafe to eat.

But there is no evidence that ambient mercury, whether in the skies or in the fish, poses any risk to anybody.

Moreover, U.S. power plants emit about 0.50% of global mercury, while Mother Nature emits about 70%.

For more on mercury toxicity and fish, check out Steve Milloy’s columns:

One thought on “Pennsylvania pol proves mercury causes brain damage”

  1. Not one of these articles seems to say anything about the mandate to have every household in the USA have CFL lamps in them. All of those lamps have mercury in them and there is no simple disposal system in place for the burned out lamps to be recycled. I am sure most of the used ones are going into the normal garbage stream and ending up in incinerators or landfills. Another example of unintended consequences. Why is there noone talking about this huge problem? I know that where I live in an area near a large university, that most of the students just put the bad lamps in the trash. I accumulate all my flourescent bulbs and hope I can hear about the place to bring them when it is done about once a year at a nearby parking lot. We recycle plastic and newspapers and aluminum cans, and even batteries, but not one way to conveniently recycle CFLs or any other flourescent lamp. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!

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