RFF chief: Skepticism has ‘reached its peak’

Is it time to sell skepticism short?

Climatewire reports,

Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) introduced legislation last month that would impose a $10 fee on carbon dioxide. The tax would rise by $10 a year until U.S. emissions are reduced to 25 percent below 1990 levels, or about 10 years. More than $490 billion in carbon revenue would be applied to the national debate during that period, and $2 trillion would go to consumers, Stark says….

Supporters of a carbon tax, however, are not optimistic about quick passage. Many supporters believe it won’t be debated legislatively before 2013, by which time they believe climate denial will have receded from its high-water mark this year.

I believe the scientific know-nothingness has reached its peak,” former Rep. Phil Sharp (D-Ind.), president of Resources for the Future, said yesterday.

We are long skepticism, not only because of the science, but because the more that Obama kills our economy, the less likely new taxes will be.

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  1. I visited the Resources for the Future and read about the education of the 24 employees that they call “researchers’. There were 18 economics Ph.D.s, 1 ecology Ph.D., 1 regional planning Ph.D., 1 environmental science M.S., 1 political science M.A., 1 foreign service B.S. and one for which there was no education information.

    I feel so much safer knowing that this crack team of world-class scientists is watching over us and debunking what those sleazy skeptics are saying.

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