WSJ: Government vs. EPA

“The Environmental Protection Agency’s political agenda hasn’t gotten any less reckless, but the news is that the rest of the government is beginning to notice—including a majority of the states and even other regulators… Between the Governors and AGs, some 27 states are merely asking the EPA to delay the final [“Clean Air Mercury Rule” or “Utility MACT”) until the risks can be properly quantified…” (Wall Street Journal)

3 thoughts on “WSJ: Government vs. EPA”

  1. Part of the problem with the EPA is the name. Who can be against an agency that is all about protecting the environment? Kinda like “it’s for the chiiildren” and “what about the poooor?”

  2. Political agenda? How about their junk science agenda!

    One upon a time in 1996 in a place far away called Washington, DC, I took the initiative to converse at length with an EPA employee “expert” about his remarks on a particular subject. Not receiving any acknowledgement of the science I presented refuting the EPA “expert” and his beliefs, I wrote a letter to the EPA requesting answers to my questions. I am still waiting for a reply. I have never held my breath on this one. The EPA remains out of control and seems as nasty and self serving as it has always demonstrated.

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