Quote of the Day: Issa on enviro agenda

At today’s House Oversight & Reform Committee Hearing entitled, “Running on Empty: How the Obama Administration’s Green Energy Gamble Will Impact Small Business & Consumers”, Chairman Darrell Issa offhandedly described the agenda of the Natural Resources Defense Council as…

… to save the Earth and to hell with the American people.

You can watch the hearing here.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Issa on enviro agenda”

  1. aren’t these the same National Socialists clows who said that eradication of malaria through the use of DDT would allow too much overpopulation in Africa.

  2. I would push it further to say, they want to save the earth from the rest of the people so that only the enlightened (people that agree with them) will be allowed to survive and use it. Not sure how they plan to get anything after the people they disagree with, but depend on for almost everything they hold dear, are gone.

  3. I would amend that. The NRDC, like many ‘environmentalist’ groups, seems driven by a Utopian ideal that holds little regard for the value of *human* life (not just American). Any time a person adopts a belief system that elevates *anything* in value above the value of a human life, then that belief system is definitively Evil.

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