Steve Jobs' Holistic Suicide

Technologically and aesthetically brilliant — but medically foolish.

The New York Times reports:

In his last years, Steven P. Jobs veered from exotic diets to cutting-edge treatments as he fought the cancer that ultimately took his life, according to a new biography to be published on Monday.

His early decision to put off surgery and rely instead on fruit juices, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other treatments — some of which he found on the Internet — infuriated and distressed his family, friends and physicians, the book says. From the time of his first diagnosis in October 2003, until he received surgery in July 2004, he kept his condition largely private — secret from Apple employees, executives and shareholders, who were misled.

The Daily Mail reports that Steve Jobs could have survived had he relied on conventional medicine from the start:

Steve Jobs would probably be alive today if he had not put off conventional medical treatment in favour of alternative remedies, a leading cancer doctor has said.

Dr Ramzi Amri, a researcher at Harvard Medical School, claims the Apple boss had a mild form of cancer that is rarely fatal and that his choice of treatment ‘eventually led to an unnecessarily early death’…

Dr Amri claims that had Mr Jobs had the cancer surgically removed immediately after the disease was diagnosed then he may well have survived with ‘no residual side-effects’.
He added that as Mr Jobs had comparatively mild neuroendocrine tumors, compared to the far more aggressive pancreatic adenocarcinoma tumours that 95 per cent of pancreatic cancer sufferers have.

He wrote: ‘In my series of patients, for many subtypes, the survival rate was as high as 100 per cent over a decade.’

A giant felled by self-induced quackery.

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  1. To equate a researcher at Harvard Medical School with herbal treatment is epidemic of a large post-modern problem of our society. Jobs, oddly for a computer computer Guru, accepted the idea that Harvard Medical School researchers latest work on cancer is just another form of quackery, not different than herbs or voodoo or meditation or crystals or what even New Age crap some flake posts on the Internet.

    Its kind of disturbing to think how Jobs all his life put technology is services of this anti-science new age crap. Jobs promoted his computers as computers for people who thought differently then experts, who ignored standard discourses like science or professionalism. It was the computer for people who ‘feel’ and ‘experience’

    In the end though computers are a mechanical application of mathematics. For many people who buy iPhones it means they are paying more than they would for a much more powerful Android device with more storage. For laptop it means people are going in to debt to get a Mac which does nothing functional beyond a Linux machine. It all just ‘feels’ different.

    But for Jobs this post-modern madness that made him in the end killed him. He made his vast fortune telling people that he could free them from the need to understand things, to take advice, and to consult experts; and we see what that did to him.

  2. Hmmm. Shark cartillidge? Bee Pollen? Shaman?

    I’m a prostate cancer survivor. The cancer was identified and cut out using conventional treatments. Big Pharma got the price of some anti-biotics, pain killers, and a half dozen PSAs out of me. As far as anyone knows or can find out, I’m cancer free.

    Who you trying to kid?


  3. There are valid reasons to choose not to take chemo or radio therapy. This isn’t because they do not work, but due to their severe side effects. However, do not confuse proper usage of these treatments, where in mild cases, the cure is worse than the disease and in severe cases it is best to die in comfort because your disease is incurable, with saying that it doesn’t work at all.

  4. Or perhaps you are talking out of your rear with no knowledge of what you speak.

    Ever watch 1776 and seen the man with the odd patch on his face? That patch covered a nasty looking cancer (on the founding father, not the actor),
    Caesar Rodney, another founding father scarred by Cancer

    There was even a description of cancer by GALEN in ancient Rome.

    In general, internal cancers were not known until recently. People were considered “fairy-shot” and just dead. Plus, people are less likely to die of minor infections, so they live longer to get all sorts of cancers

  5. Wild Apricot Seeds.

    ” A World Without Cancer “, by G. Edward Griffin (1974)

    Also Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has a very good website you can search:

    Cancer rates 2011: 1 in 3 for women; 1 in 2 for men.

    Cancer rates 1961, or 50 years ago: 1 in 33.

    Cancer rates 1861, or 150 years ago: Practically non-existent and unheard of, even to people living in compact cities with pollution at that time.

    BS cures like chemotherapy are poison which actually kill many cancer patients, even when the cancer itself is gone, and that’s no way to end a human life with dignity.

    Don’t believe the medical establishment, nor the mainstream media, nor the government/politicians which are all in lockstep with the Pharmaceutical-Complex lobbies. In other words, the pharmaceutical companies own the establishment and they work for the profit of shareholders, not to the public at-large. Put another way, big Pharma doesn’t want to put itself out of business with a cure for cancer, so they need to keep people sick. They have stated things to this effect in their documents. It is too big an industry right now (and a big component of the US economy) that if the sheep masses discovered what really works, the US economy would tank.

    You have to figure the CAUSE to find a solution, and the cause no doubt is what we’re eating, as well as what we’re not eating. Our diets are lacking vitamins & minerals you get from many plants.

    The cancer rate increases have lots to do with Big Pharma shoving GMO (genetically modified foods) on the food shelves with highly processed foods and selling their patented GMO seeds to corporate farmers, with very few small & organic farms left from the squeeze of several decades of bureaucratic regulation burden, driven by the big Pharma lobbies.

    The alternative media information is available right here on the internet just by a simple google search for “alternative cancer treatments”, “holistic cancer treatments”, or “naturopathic cancer treatments”, etc.

    Wild Apricot Seeds (anything with B-17), Vitamin D, Gerson Therapy, coffee enemas, fresh vegetable juicing (use a Breville Juicer), plant-based diet, herbal medicines, holistic approaches, etc, are just a few possible alternative cancer treatments.

    Regards for all truth seekers,

  6. “Mr Jobs had comparatively mild neuroendocrine tumors, compared to the far more aggressive pancreatic adenocarcinoma tumours that 95 per cent of pancreatic cancer sufferers have.”

    There are no guesses here on the part of the expert. His patients with this form of the disease have nearly a 100% survival rate. It was NOT the fatal form of the disease that is more common.

  7. There are two forms of Pancreatic cancer. One is rather rare but is treatable. (anyone seen the commercial for Cancer Centers of America). The other more common form is unfortunately nearly always fatal. Unless one has access to privileged information on Mr. Jobs, statements of treatment success are purely speculative. His decisions maybe the result of the privileged prognosis. If Dr Ramzi Amri had such information, then Mr. Jobs should have taken the aggressive traditional route. If Jobs had the always fatal form of pancreatic cancer, then he might as well done nothing as treatments will make you sicker than the disease. .

  8. “Steve Jobs would probably be alive today if he had not put off conventional medical treatment in favour of alternative remedies, a leading cancer doctor has said.”

    What else would he say….a free shot – with no chance of substantiating it – at promoting HIS brand of cancer quackerey. But in reality, not much substance to his claim (especially when “leading cancer doctors” don’t even treat their own family members with the by-law prescribed chemo treatments for cancer…). Each case is different, but I don’t personally know of any “cancer survivors” where pancreatic cancer was involved and “conventional” treatments were used. 100% of them DIED (all three in cases of people I knew or worked with). So at least for my limited “sample size”, Jobs was right to be skeptical of convetional treatment methods and seek alternatives. What’s to loose and at least you’re not radiated/chemo’d to death and your immune system so damaged/destroyed that your “cured” cancer returns shortly thereafter (with a vengence!) and you die anyway.

  9. Contrast this with Herman Cain who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and listened to his doctors. What a shame.

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