Will Obama claim executive privilege over Solyndra…

… and what will the mainstream media say if he does?

Environment & Energy Daily reports:

The battle over document requests relating to the ongoing congressional Solyndra investigation escalated this week when Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee all but dared the White House to exercise its power of executive privilege.

After being rebuffed by White House legal counsel in their request for all documents relating to the bankrupt solar company that received massive government loans — including anything on the president’s BlackBerry — dating back to Obama’s first day in office, committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich) and his lead investigator Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) informed the White House that “unless the President actually asserts a valid claim of executive privilege, the Committee is entitled to the documents responsive to its request.”

Here’s a short history on the modern usage of executive privilege:

  • The Eisenhower administration invoked executive privilege to frustrate Sen. Joe McCarthy’s investigation of communist activity related to the U.S. Army. Significantly, the New York Times and Washington Post supported the Eisenhower administration’s invocation of the doctrine.
  • But when the Nixon administration sought to rely on executive privilege to frustrate the Watergate investigation, the Times and Post flip-flopped and opposed the doctrine.

So it will be interesting to see whether Obama invokes the doctrine over Solyndra and what the MSM has top say about it.

3 thoughts on “Will Obama claim executive privilege over Solyndra…”

  1. This is another example of the cronyism and corruption that runs rampant in all branches of our government.

    Consider also what just happened in a federal court in Texas. A Dallas business owner was involved in a civil dispute and paid millions of dollars to lawyers, and when he objected to additional fees after settling the case, they had a “friendly” judge seize all of his possessions, without any notice or hearing, and essentially ordered him under “house arrest” as an involuntary servant to the lawyers. The business owner has been under this “servant” order for 10 months and is prohibited from owning any possessions, prohibited from working, etc..

    …and some quotes from the judge:

    THE COURT: “I’m telling you don’t scr-w with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to scr-w with a federal judge, and if you don’t understand that, I can make you understand it. I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me.”

    THE COURT: “You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death”

    http://www.lawinjustice.com has an explanation of this case.

  2. “Will Obama claim executive privilege over Solyndra”?


    “and what will the mainstream media say if he does?”

    Crickets chirping.

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