Cell phones cleared?

Yes… and no.

A new study by Danish researchers published in the British Medical Journal reports no association between cell phone subscription and central nervous system cancer.

The good news is that this study offers no evidence that cell phone users are at increased risk of cancer. So based on the results of this study, one would not be inclined to generate and further test the hypothesis that cell phone use causes cancer.

On the other hand — and not that we want to aid any fearmongering — this study is hardly what we would call scientific.

Exposure to radiation from cell phone use was assumed from the existence of a cell phone contract. So the researchers have no idea of how much radiation any study subject was exposed to.

If the researchers had estimated exposure based on cell phone bills/usage, they would have had a much more credible study.

In any event, here’s the real cell phone scare. 🙂

Click for the BMJ study.

2 thoughts on “Cell phones cleared?”

  1. We need to admit that the mobile phone has been elevated in cultural status to an animistic object having evil supernatural powers. So it would seem from all the allegations of harm and the absence of any factually demonstrated and independently replicated natural process to account for anything. Animism is a valid outgrowth of a civilization attempting to understand the world, experiences, and a sense of place in it all. That being said, and accepting the mobile phones’ visage as animistic, then the science surrounding it must be Neanderthal at best, cave bear teeth, ocher, bone tools, and all.

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