RINO Sisson: GOP for ‘plundering planet’ for money

Republicans for Environmental Protection = GOP Fifth Column.

Before an audience of Democrats in Greenwich, CT, Republicans for Envirnmental Protection president Rob Sisson said,

When I look at some of the louder voices in the Republican Party today, I think they’re looking at plundering this planet and only interested in making as much money as they can today while dealing with whatever comes in the future when it comes.

Sisson also says,

Environmental protection and conservation is definitely a bipartisan concern and a bipartisan priority.

Here’a another equation for you to memorize:

Bipartisanship = Conservative date rape.

Read the full report in the Greenwich Post.

Read Steve Milloy’s Washington Times column, “Republicans Green With Democrat Envy.”

Check out the JunkScience.com protest at the Republicans for Environmental Protection annual dinner last July.

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