Greens give EPA deadline for power plant CO2 rules

Congress is deadlocked — so greenhouse gas emissions policy will apparently be dictated by enviro groups and/or some clueless federal judge.

Greenwire reports that,

A coalition of states and environmental groups will give U.S. EPA another 30 days to come out with a plan to regulate carbon dioxide from power plants, their attorneys said late Friday.

EPA previously missed a July 26 deadline to propose new source performance standards (NSPS) for new and existing power plants, which are the largest source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions…

EPA is required to curb carbon dioxide from large industrial plants because of a December 2009 finding that their planet-warming effects are a threat to human health and welfare…

“There is much at stake in finding a path forward,” wrote Megan Ceronsky, an attorney at the Environmental Defense Fund, in an email late Friday on the latest delay. “It is urgent that we move forward to modernize our aging energy infrastructure, reduce dangerous climate-destabilizing pollution, and strengthen our clean energy economy,” she added.

So EPA will either be “coerced” (Oh, please don’t make us do it!) into regulating power plant emissions or ordered to do so by a federal judge who won’t have any idea of the consequences of his action.

The GOP House needs to take a stand and tell Democrats that government funding comes to a full and complete stop until the EPA is reined in.

One thought on “Greens give EPA deadline for power plant CO2 rules”

  1. Let it happen – shut off the power stations and let the public decide which they support – “greenness” or their jobs, income, heating, food and water supply, sewage treatment, life – need I go on.

    A showdown like this is needed to at least make people realise what they propose to give up when they unthinkingly support “clean” energy proposals.

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