McGurn: The green problem of billionaire guilt

“We’re all familiar with the greedy businessman who pushes taxpayer subsidies to enrich himself. Solyndra tells us we might want to start paying more attention to the businessman who’s already rich—but seeks to salve a guilty conscience by putting taxpayers on the hook for his pet causes” — the money line from William McGurn’s column in today’s Wall Street Journal.

2 thoughts on “McGurn: The green problem of billionaire guilt”

  1. Funny how that works — I get taxed (even higher energy bills are de facto taxes) so he can sleep better at night. Never mind that he could, if he chose, make donations all around, including donations to the U.S. Treasury, until his money runs out.

    These are some dishonest b*st*rds.

  2. Don’t overlook the greedy politician who seeks to enrich himself by shoveling out the quid (pro quo) from the public trough to the greedy businessmen.

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