Stoking climate fears through geoengineering talks

The Bipartisan Policy Center is convening a roundtable today to discuss geoengineering as a last ditch solution to catastrophic climate change. Oy vey…

Given that the BPC advocated for cap-and-trade, the goal of this conference is to so frighten the public with the prospect of geoengineering (especially if done by, say, those out-of-control, eco-insensitive Chinese), that U.S. lawmakers succumb to pressure for legislation and an international treaty mandating emissions reduction.

Read New York Times coverage.

4 thoughts on “Stoking climate fears through geoengineering talks”

  1. If there ever was a real ‘End Of The World As We Know It’ then these are the people who could take us there.

  2. Imagine you are sitting, reading the paper when your 8-year old son comes into the room and asks, “Dad, where do you keep the bullets for your pistol?”

    Shall we tell these ID 10 Ts to go ahead and begin experimenting”

  3. If we don’t know enough detail about the weather to predict it accurately a month in advance, we *CERTAINLY* don’t know enough to predict the consequences (both good and bad) of ‘geoengineering’ efforts.
    This idea is like handing a cart blanche to the field agents of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

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