This couch is more comfortable but that one is greener…

Is this really how businesses think consumers will evolve?

The New York Times reports that the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development have developed a new tool for reducing carbon emissions in their supply chain…

… perhaps eventually enabling consumers to compare the greenhouse gas footprints of, say, two frozen dinners or two sofas.

The other silly comment in this article is this:

Many smaller subcontractors in developing nations that manufacture or provide components to larger entities have no useful way of measuring their energy use.

Yes, “cost of goods sold” and “profit margin” are entirely inadequate metrics for our brave new world.

2 thoughts on “This couch is more comfortable but that one is greener…”

  1. Near here there was one of those new sustainability fake towns built. A cow pasture was turned into apartments and shops with everything one might need within walking distance.

    One of the shops was a pizza shop that sold “environmentally friendly” pizzas made with “100% organic” ingredients. The shop did not do well, even in that PC community.

  2. Expecting intelligent commentary (let’s face it, this is not “reporting”), from the NYT could be the first sign of insanity.

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