Indonesia deports Greenpeace head

Indonesia performs a radical green-ectomy to stop environmental-oma.

As reported by the Financial Times:

[Greenpeace UK chief John Sauven[] “has been informed by officials that he will be deported immediately,” a statement said. “Sauven was led away by security guards”, after he arrived on a flight from London.

Greenpeace said it had stepped up its campaign in the last year to protect Indonesia’s rainforests and peatland swamps from companies clearing land for palm oil plantations and the paper industry…

“Even if he had a visa, he was informed not to come to Indonesia. He has cornered the Indonesian government several times, portraying it in a negative light through bad campaigns,” he said, declining to give details.

The FT also reports that last year Indonesia denied entry to the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior. I guess the country must not have any Exocet missiles.

5 thoughts on “Indonesia deports Greenpeace head”

  1. I’m no fan of the demonstrably corrupt Indonesian government, which has been scored as such by Transparency International for at least the last decade. And the unintentionally revealing green documentary “The Burning Season” (2008) shows that Indonesian government officials are matched in their greed and avarice only by “green” businessmen and Wall Street parasites. So although it’s always a delight to see the Greenpeace socialists given a comeuppance, in this case it could easily have been that they simply weren’t paying enough baksheesh to the right political boss, which would have been a far greater infraction than anything else.

  2. Wasn’t it Greenpeace and the like that pushed for palm oil as a base for bio-fuel?

    What the greens can’t seem to grasp is that all the cleared land that can support crops are already being used to feed and cloth us. Unless we give up clothing or food, thus opening up land already under til, finding land for new bio-fuel crops means clearing forest and filling in swamps.

  3. Well, after they have been routinely vilified by that man and the, they have no mandate to be hospitable.

    The next time “environmentalists” resort to piracy by attacking fishing ships, they should be treated like pirates and sent to Davy Jone’s Locker.

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