Strassel: The GOP's Solyndra Problem

While Govs. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have dabbled in state-funding of green energy, Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel says Herman Cain has the best approach.

Strassel writes her column today:

But when it comes to green subsidies, Mr. Cain’s simplicity is to die for. Government simply “should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, because most of the time they pick the losers,” said Mr. Cain. Now there’s a presidential energy philosophy for the ages.

Click for Strassel’s column.

3 thoughts on “Strassel: The GOP's Solyndra Problem”

  1. Herman Cain is correct that government, including both state and federal, have squandered billions of dollars on green energies that will never be seen again. This waste needs to stop.

    James Rust

  2. There’s nothing like real-world business experience to imbue a pragmatic viewpoint.
    In the current Administration there’s nothing like real-world business experience. Period.

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