Tears of a clown: Distraught EPA chief almost quit over ozone

“She was very upset,” one administration official told the New York Post of Lisa Jackson’s reaction to Obama’s backing away from EPA’s imminent tightening of the ozone standard. “She didn’t know what she was going to do.” Boo-hoo-hoo….

8 thoughts on “Tears of a clown: Distraught EPA chief almost quit over ozone”

  1. I have to agree, the EPA’s actions are getting the notice of even non-technical people. Just explain the Cross-state pollution rule’s effects on Texas, and people will think you are lying because it sounds so stupid.

    Now link the the same statement from the TCEQ, and people begin wondering what the heck the administration is smoking

    In the words of a Hollywood Pharaoh, “Let him speak so the world shall know him mad”

  2. I am glad she did not resign. The longer she hangs around spewing her bogus analyses and half truths, the more certain that we can be that Obama will be a one-term president.

  3. I agree that it was all bogus. The CL2FL2CH4 molecule (freon 12) is too heavy to reach anywhere near the Ozone layer. It rises to the lower troposphere, then is precipitated out when it rains.

    I still use R12 in my fridge, and freezer on my boat. Bought a 30lb bottle in Panama City, Panama for $130.

  4. And You see the hand of Jeff Tittle in this, the unelected represents no one head of the NJ Sierra club. Another useless uneducated individual who makes his living making others miserable.

  5. Well she doesn’t need to cry about this one. Ask any oceanographer ( I am not sure that is the right term for someone who studies the science of the ocean) and they will tell you that each day the ocean releases millions of tons of chorine from the dissociation of disolved salt in the water. It is elementary chemistry.
    So the chorine was the main reason to condemn all those freon type compounds from our use years ago as it was proposed that when the freon and like cfc’s broke down they released the chorine and that was going into the atmosphere and destroying the ozone layer.
    So all that was bogus and only to allow Dupont to come out with the freon replacement to replace all the items they had on the market where the patents had now run out. I hardly think that was a coincidence either.

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