Lizard threatens Texas jobs

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From Caroline May at the Daily Caller:

A little lizard is creating big concerns for Texas.

The Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, also known as the Sand Dune Lizard, inhabits the Permian Basin, one of America’s top energy producing regions. It contains more than 20 of the nation’s top 100 oil fields and, in the counties identified with lizard habitat, is keeping an estimated 27,000 jobs intact.

Despite the White House’s laser focus on jobs, the administration has its sights on putting these lizards on the Endangered Species List — a move which would severely limit oil production and kill area jobs in order to make the Permian Basin a protected habitat for the lizard.

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9 thoughts on “Lizard threatens Texas jobs”

  1. Ever been to Midland/Odessa, TX? There is a lot more “habitat” for the lizards than there is for humans. They could drill 100k oil wells out there and not touch 1% of the “habitat”. Holy crap these people need to get out of their offices once in a while.

  2. It is easy, the environmentalists love lizards and hate Americans. They are our enemies. We must identify them as such and drive them from the public arena.

  3. Species go extinct all the time. Do these idiots not remember dinosaurs? Sloth bears? They worship Lucy but her species is extinct. Progressives just want to run other folks lives since they cannot run their own. May God deliver us from this atheist philosophy of the “ickyness” of Homo Sapiens. Missnamed?

  4. Back in the late 70’s the enviros were using the snail darters to oppose a dam and power plant. I overheard an activist admit; “We don’t give a damn about the snail darters, they could all die off and couldn’t care less, but they make a great PR icon to prevent the dam building.”

  5. If the enviros don’t think energy production is important, then I think we should just force them to live without it. No electricity, natural gas, or oil products. Make them live in the great outdoors without any of the benefits that our modern society provides, thanks to the wonder of bountiful energy. Maybe they would see things differently then.

  6. Or they could create a host of jobs under the “Lizard Relocation Act.” Why does it always have to be that the creatures get preference over humans? Why can’t enviros work to find new homes for them instead? I’m sorry, I am using logic and reason instead of emotion to solve this problem.

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