Alleged 'pro-lifers' attack GOP for EPA mercury rule

Enviros dressed by as evangelicals are running radio ads accusing prominent pro-life House Republicans of abandoning their principles in attempting to rein in the EPA on mercury. Take our poll!

The Washington DC-based Evangelical Environmental Network is running radio ads in Kentucky, Michigan and Texas accusing pro-life Congressman Ed Whitfield, Fred Upton and Joe Barton of abandoning pro-life principles because they oppose the EPA’s proposed Utility MACT rule which would further limit already low mercury emissions from U.S. power plants.

Facts apparently matter little to the ENN as U.S. power plants emit only about 0.5% of global mercury emissions and there is no evidence to support the notion that ambient levels of mercury in the U.S. are harming or even threaten anyone. But accomplishing nothing would cost a lot — $100 billion or so according to the EPA.

So what should ENN be doing? Take our poll, below.

3 thoughts on “Alleged 'pro-lifers' attack GOP for EPA mercury rule”

  1. An agenda is more important to the leftists than truth, if it serves that agenda’s success. They worship at the alter of Machiavelli.

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