Enviros try pinning body counts on House GOP-ers

Is Michelle Bachmann risking the lives of 22,750 Americans and the health of 118,111 asthmatic kids in Florida in return for $131,730 in contributions from “polluters”?

A coalition of green groups is attempting, via the web site DirtySecrets.org, to intimidate congressional Republicans from taking action against EPA regulatory overreach by blaming them for specific health consequences in return for political contributions.

But as JunkScience readers know, no one’s health or life is threatened by current efforts to rein in the EPA. As we have discussed many time, the current air pollutuion scare is another green hoax.

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One thought on “Enviros try pinning body counts on House GOP-ers”

  1. They should be careful with that kind of smear as it can easily backfire. Most industries give money to both parties, so it’s not difficult to point the finger right back at the accusers. Not that I care; it’s all nonsense anyway. I wish I could substitute computer models for real data where I work. That would be easier and a lot more fun.

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