Money 'contaminated' with BPA?

A new study reports that paper money worldwide is “contaminated” with bisphenol A (BPA). Should you be worried?

No. As even the study authors acknowledge,

Although high levels of BPA were measured in paper currencies, human exposure through dermal absorption appears to be minor.

And aside from the fact that common BPA exposures have not been shown to cause any harm despite more than 50 years of widespread use, when absorbed through skin, BPA is metabolized to highly water soluble metabolites that are known to be estrogen inactive.

3 thoughts on “Money 'contaminated' with BPA?”

  1. I would suggest that this problem may become enormous with Obie as President. As we spiral into that inflationary hell of the Weimar Republic, poor people may have to feed their babies MONEY instead of bread!!! Yeah, singles, fivers, ten spots, benjamins….!!!!!

  2. Please, may I be the first to offer disposal services to anyone who is in possession of any currency of which they are afraid. I will gladly take charge of that currency (any country, any denomination) and thereby remove the threat to your life that it imposes. I will not charge for this service, just send the currency to me and forget that it ever existed.

  3. /sarc on
    Who needs science, facts, evidence or reason? Bisphenol A sounds scary. Isn’t that reason enough to panic, demand government intervention and a big new bureaucracy to oversee a giant new set of regulations?
    /sarc off

    I am reminded of all those eco-extremists who signed a petition demanding that dihydrogen monoxide be banned forever.

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