Hurricane Barack: EPA ready to destroy what Irene misses

“Regardless of track and intensity, Hurricane Irene will cause extensive tree and power line damage. Electricity infrastructure will be greatly compromised for millions if not tens of millions of Americans,” predicts the Weather Channel. And as as pointed out by the National Mining Association, what’s left will be compromised even further by the Obama EPA.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Barack: EPA ready to destroy what Irene misses”

  1. irene, at her best, ain’t gonna’ cause near the devistation that has already been caused by hurricane barrrrack (sounds kinda’ like a gag, don’t it?) .. barrrack season has lasted mos’ three years..
    damn! well. at least husseinicane season ends forever come two12 .. unfortunately, cleanup will last decades .. first thing we need to do is dump the septic tank in washington, then give everyone a vaccine to protect against demovirus .. a good start ..

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