Hansen: Obama a 'hopeless [oil] addict'

NASA’s James Hansen continues adding to his resume of lunacy.

From Climatewire this morning:

NASA scientist James Hansen, who galvanized the environmental movement decades ago with his congressional testimony about the dangers of climate change, said yesterday that President Obama has a rare opportunity to show he is not a “hopeless addict.”

The climatologist, who will appear at the National Press Club on Monday before joining protests at the White House, where he expects to be arrested, told ClimateWire in an email interview that the Keystone XL pipeline awaiting approval from the president is like a dirty needle from a fellow oil addict, Canada.

The pipeline, if built, would run 1,700 miles from Canada to Texas and bring in a form of crude to the United States that releases more carbon dioxide emissions in the production process than traditional oil.

“If Obama chooses the dirty needle it will confirm that Obama was just greenwashing all along, like the other well-oiled coal-fired politicians, with no real intention of solving the addiction,” Hansen said…

In June, Hansen said that development of the tar sands means “game over” for the planet.

We encourage Hansen, Gore and their ilk to continue ranting and raving. Skeptics don’t have to say they’re crazy; they prove it every time they open their mouths.

8 thoughts on “Hansen: Obama a 'hopeless [oil] addict'”

  1. In the words of Pharoh: “Let him speak so the world may know him mad”.

    If Hansen truly is a prophet, let him show it. If it not, he will fall on his own.

    Try to muzzle him, even in moderation (like Bush did, requesting that he not give his NASA credentials when talking about this sort of thing), and you only fuel the hysteria.

  2. He’s been arrested for multiple misdemeanors in recent years and still holds a $155K+ annual position as a Senior Executive Service (SES) federal employee.

    I am not aware of one single federal employee in the SES category who has this notorious distinction.

    He should have been fired by George W. Bush. The whimp.

  3. One assumes that all these scaremongering greenies are in fact walking everywhere or at worst relying on our old friend the horse for their transport – that they are not involving themselves with any form of technology or any type of appliance that consumes energy – Ha fat chance – it’s all do as I say not what I do – Al Gores mansion put paid to any thought of truth from this disingenuous lot

  4. Why aren’t Herr Hansen and the rest of the Goebbels Warm-mongering Industrial Complex fraudsters in jail?

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