Report: Climate aid recipients score high in corruption

Transparency International reports that,

None of the 20 countries deemed most vulnerable to climate change score more than 3.6 on TI’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) indicating significant risks of corruption.

At the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, President Obama promised that the U.S. would contribute to a $100 billion fund for developing nations threatened by climate change.

An upside of our debt crisis is that foreign climate corruption is not likely something U.S. taxpayers will be funding any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Report: Climate aid recipients score high in corruption”

  1. There’s an embarrassing 2008 documentary called The Burning Season floating around, which is now dated by the failures of Copenhagen and Climategate, and which (quite unintentionally) shows the rampant greed, kleptocracy, and corruption at the heart of climate alarmism.

    Notably, it centered on Indonesia, consistently rated by TI as one of the more corrupt governments on the planet. And as one who had some minor exposure to it, I can confirm that Indonesian government corruption is a way of life and “just biz.”

    The actual video is here, if you have the patience:

  2. “Something for nothing” = corruption.

    The UN had to promise payout to “climate vulnerable nations” (with State controlled economies) to get them to go along with the IPCC. Otherwise, they would not play ball and claim they have been damaged by “climate change.”

    Now, these people have their hands out looking to get paid as promised.

    So they can buy some more palaces for dictators and weapons to keep the public shut up.

    How else can dictators make a living if they don’t have oil under the dirt they stand upon?

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