New 'study': The ONE good thing about global warming

Climate alarmists have finally found one good thing about global warming — as you might expect, though, they’re even wrong about that.

A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that,

The production of wind energy in the U.S. over the next 30-50 years will be largely unaffected by upward changes in global temperature…

This result was produced by what we refer to as PlayStation® climate modeling and is wrong.

Any warming that might possibly occur from an enhanced greenhouse effect would mostly occur in the polar regions where there’s less water vapor in the atmosphere. Given that it’s the temperature gradient between the poles and the tropics that drives weather change (i.e., produces wind), warmer poles would actually mean a lower temperature gradient and, ultimately, a decrease in wind.

I guess the alarmists know that and feel compelled to put a marker out there claiming the opposite.

3 thoughts on “New 'study': The ONE good thing about global warming”

  1. Wind mills in tornado areas would not be a good idea. So no worries there. So back to the original statement. Less wind.

  2. A decrease in temperature difference between the Poles and the equator implies decreased wind, yes.

    But this does not take into account local atmospheric disturbances arising from worrying about global warming. This produces more tornadoes. This increases the time averaged wind speed over a given area.

    So, you need to look at the whole picture before jumping to conclusions

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