Obama moves to kill Cape Wind

The Obama administration is such a strong supporter of “clean energy” that it has moved to kill Cape Wind, the controversial offshore wind farm the Kennedy family has been fighting for 10 years.

In a May 10 letter to Cape Wind’s developer, the Department of Energy said it wasn’t ready to provide the project with funding and its application was being put on hold. The loan application was submitted under the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which has apparently run out of money — at least for Cape Wind.

The Obama administration’s decision will force Cape Wind’s developers to raise $2 billion from private investors who, so far, have not invested a nickel for construction and who will now be even less likely to invest without government backing.

As the Cape Wind debacle illustrates, Obama isn’t sincerely interested in clean energy. His proposed “clean energy standard” is merely a ruse for seducing Republicans into enacting a carbon cap scheme like cap-and-trade.

6 thoughts on “Obama moves to kill Cape Wind”

  1. Don’t you folks get it. The Kennedy’s are opposed. That is really important; it trumps everything else.

  2. The only investor was the rate payers of nat grid. we were forced by the state to buy the $.18/kh cost for their electricity. com elct. on the cape and islands have no such agreement. only one half of their potential is sold so they wouldn’t need their whole loan for half a project.

  3. I love it! Not only has 2 billion dollars of my tax money been saved, but I now have yet another prime example of liberal hypocrisy that I can use to rub in their faces.

  4. Wait until they get a load of the repair bills for *land-based* wind-power systems! Then figure in the additional cost of trying to do servicing/repair/replacement work on a wind power generator outdoors, in what could at a moment’s notice become foggy or stormy weather, AT SEA!

  5. no problem !! just get gore and his buddies to invest in it . they believe so strongly that its a wonderful thing . im sure they will jump right on this wonderful opportunity to make a million.

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