Bargain of the day: Six-acre solar field to save GM $15,000 annually

“Clean energy” could become its own humor genre…

General Motors broke ground last week on a six acre solar farm that will save the taxpayer-owned carmaker $15,000 per year in electricity costs, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Given that a home rooftop solar panel system can cost on the order of $30,000, we can only imagine how much a six-acre solar farm would cost. Obviously, GM and taxpayers will never come close to recouping their investment in the farm.

As an extra comedic aspect, the solar field is an effort to green the production of the Chevy Volt. Wake us when they green the operation of the Chevy Volt.

5 thoughts on “Bargain of the day: Six-acre solar field to save GM $15,000 annually”

  1. Folks its a tax right off. Its the same means GE used to have 0 taxes in 2009. GM just does things it says is green and writes the whole thing off. So they spend a million or two on this farm. All that money is a write off cause its green tech. And they make sure expense get put into that farm.

  2. This is being paid for by DTE’s Customers. Former Gov Jenny signed a Renewable Energy Standard (PA 295). Now We get to pay up to $3 dollars per utillity bill per month for “energy optimization.” Additionally residential electric rates were increased twice now to pay for “clean energy.” Keep in mind, one of the main drivers for the RES is that it would keep rates low.

  3. Oh, and the investment would be recouped in about 436 years. (Assumption: a rooftop is about 1200 square feet.)

  4. Does GM have a permit to protect any desert tortoise that may amble through that area or any crane that might fly over or any snail darter that wants to swim by? And what will be the long-term effects of shutting off all sunlight to a 6-acre site? Can we offset some of the cost by putting the 6 acres in the soil bank?

  5. this wonderful idea of general motors is related to the attitude that they have that got them into trouble in 2008 and many other times as well . they will probably need other bailouts in the future and will be flying in their jets to washington with hat in hand asking for our money . how nice is that ?

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