2010 record year for carbon emissions: Where's the warming?

Catastrophic manmade global warming continues to be all bun.

Humans emitted 30.6 gigatons of carbon emissions in 2010, the most ever, according to unpublished estimates of the International Energy Agency.

IEA chief “scientist” Faith Birol said,

I am very worried. This is the worst news on emissions. It is becoming extremely challenging to remain below 2 degrees. The prospect is getting bleaker. That is what the numbers say.

As Clara Peller might have asked,

Where’s the warming?

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  1. If Trenberth has anuthing to do with a paper be wary. His 1997 paper – Earth’s Annual Global Mean Energy Budget – demonstrates the problem with global warming theory.

    First, because half the earth is in darkness at any time they cut the amount of incoming solar radiation in half ???

    Oh,of course, they want to talk averages. But how does England being in darkness affect the heat here in Australia in summer ??

    I wish some body would tell the bloody sun to get its act together.

    Then they cut it in half again because, again, they want to talk averages and apparently it is too difficult to calculate an average that reflects reality so they assume a disk with uniform radiation and a disk is half the surface area of the hemi-sphere (remember the darkness).

    So then they arrive at the incoming solar radiation as 342 W/sq m, apply the albedo, produce their pretty little diagram, claim powerful greenhouse gases keep the planet warm not the sun and – QED – we’re in trouble from “dangerous climate change” – notice how it is now “dangerous” climate change ?

    Their initial starting point for the rest of the rubbish built on top really sounds like the real world – a DISK uniformly irradiated from pole to pole by only enough incoming solar radiation to keep the temperature at minus 18 C.

    Gee, that sure sounds like the world I know !!!

    They have managed to disprove Galileo’s ridiculous theories that the world is not flat. A Scientific achievement that deserves special merit.

    They forgot one small problem with Earth’s Annual Global Mean Energy Budget – if incoming solar radiation heating the earth and atmosphere by their calculations is only 235 W/sq m – enough for minus 18 – how did the earth and “greenhouse gases” EVER get hot enough to emit (the earth 390 W/sq m for earth, 324 W/sq m “back radiation”) more than the incoming solar radiation ???

    The answer, unless you believe there is another source of energy somewhere that scientists haven’t discovered yet, is obvious – the whole “energy budget” as summarized by the “pretty picture” is simply wrong.

    Or perhaps we should believe we live on a flat disk hurtling thru space which is constantly irradiated by less energy required to keep the oceans from freezing and there is no variation from pole to pole.

    As I said – that model sure sounds like where I live ???

  2. Where’s the warming?

    ummmm. I just check UAH and NASA GISS.
    Both say 2010 was hottest year on record…..

  3. Jackson,

    Unless I have slipped a decimal or something, 190 billion tons is approximately equal to 190 gigatonnes. During the next 15 years, assuming emissions do not increase, we will release about 450 gigatonnes of carbon. If things continue as they now are, approximately 40% of that will remain in the atmosphere. All of that will mean that the oceans will contain only 98 times as much carbon dioxide than the atmosphere now contains.

    The stuff in the permafrost does not sound so imposing.

  4. 30.6 gigatonnes? That is astonishing especially in light of the news from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) that is forecasting that by 2025 permafrost thawing is projected to begin releasing more carbon than is being taken up by the tundra. So not only will we have the 30.6 gigatonnes, now we’re going to start adding emissions installments from the 190 billion tons of carbon dioxide and methane in the permafrost. 2020 is only nine years away and 2020 – 2030 is the time frame when irreversible climate tipping point is projected to occur due to carbon outgassing from melting permafrost. 2010 was the 34th consecutive year with temperatures above the 20th century average. That is a lot to think about.


  5. Clara probably would have said, “Where’s the Heat?”, because to paraphrase Trenberth, it is criminal that we cannot find the heat.

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